Best Pickleball Skirts & Skorts – Cute, Cool and Comfortable! (2020)

Confession: I’m a huge fan of skorts. I’ll choose them over shorts every day of the week and twice on Sunday. I love the more polished look and they’re also great for those of us who aren’t as confident in our lower body appearance (if you know what I mean).

What are the best skirts and skorts for pickleball? The great news is that there are choices on the market for every woman’s needs! If you’re anything like me, you’ll need to order a few to try out before commit to one. I’ll admit that I always love shopping for new pickleball clothes and showing them off to my friends on the court, so I won’t judge you no matter how many you decide to keep.

Just to clarify, you may be looking for pickleball skirts, but in the interest of modesty most gals are really looking for something more like the best tennis skirts, which are actually skorts. They look 100% like a skirt on the outside but have shorts underneath. These aren’t the funny looking ones from the 80s that look like shorts in the back!

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Features of the best pickleball skirts and skorts

What should you look for to choose the best pickleball skort (or skirt)?

  • Breathable shorts layer – I prefer mesh versus solid fabric
  • Shorts don’t ride up – Make sure to walk up and down stairs a few times to test!
  • Comfortable length – Choose everything from top of the thighs to knee length to capri leggings underneath
  • Design choices – Solids or patterns, you pick!
  • Pockets for balls – I’d say these are optional, but definitely convenient!

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Best Pickleball Skirts In Shorter Lengths

Why might you want a short pickleball skirt (or short tennis skirt)? They make it really easy to move around, and if you’re playing outside in the middle of a humid summer they sure are a lot cooler! Here are some great skirts for pickleball that are on the shorter side.

Title Nine Dream Skort 14″ & Title Nine Dream Skort 16″

It’s hard to beat the quality of Title Nine clothes, and their Dream Skort is no exception! It doesn’t have ball pockets, but it does have pockets for your phone and keys. I’ve shown you the stripe one here, but you can also get it in solid colors or a fun print. This version is 14″, but they also offer it in 16″ length.

BALEAF Women’s Athletic Skort

I have a few items from BALEAF in my pickleball wardrobe and they’re great quality, especially for being inexpensive workout clothes. The BALEAF Women’s Athletic Skort have an inner drawcord to keep the waist fitting right and the shorts underneath are a breathable mesh. It only comes in solid colors, but there are some fun ones like turquoise, yellow and dusty rose! The medium size runs about 15.5″ long.

Oalka Women’s Active Athletic Skirt

The Oalka Women’s Active Athletic Skirt is a great all-around choice that comes in lots of beautiful colors! Would you believe that it also has four pockets? There’s a ball pocket on each leg of the shorts, a phone pocket by your lower back and a little stash pocket for keys or a credit card in the front of the waistband. The inner lining is a nice, high-quality mesh and the cut is flattering to many body types. The medium length is about 16″.

Ekouaer Women’s Skorts

If you’re tired of solid color skorts, you should definitely check out the Ekouaer skorts! There are beautiful patterns that remind me of some of my LuLaRoe skirts. The cut is flattering to lots of bodies and you can pick up a few different ones to pair with different solid color shirts so you always have a fresh-looking pickleball outfit. There’s no ball pocket, but there’s a phone pocket on the shorts that’s very convenient. The medium is about 16″ long.

POSHDIVA Women’s Athletic Skirt

If you prefer a traditional tennis skirt – in cut and features – the POSHDIVA Women’s Athletic Skirt is for you! It has a ball pocket underneath on one side, which is perfect for practice sessions, and a cell phone pocket on the other side. It’s definitely in the “short skirt” category and is very sporty looking. According to the size chart, the medium size is around 14″ long.

Lululemon skorts

Lululemon has a great selection of skorts ranging from 13-17″. If you’re looking for tall skorts to fit longer lower bodies, you’ll find some great options here. They definitely have a more “sporty” look but they’re great quality, won’t ride up and last forever. The Pace Rival Skirt (you won’t find a Lululemon skort listing anywhere, maybe because they think the word isn’t cool enough!) is a wonderful choice if you prefer a short skort for pickleball.

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Best Pickleball Skorts In Longer Lengths

Sometimes you just want a little more coverage when you’re playing pickleball! These are also great pickleball skorts for tall women.

Yogipace UV Protection Skort

The Yogipace UV Protection Skort is a great pickleball or tennis skirt for tall women! It offers a ball pocket and a phone pocket, and the longer shorts legs won’t roll or slide up uncomfortably. You can tighten the waist with the drawcord. Most importantly for those playing outdoor pickleball (which I think is most of us), it offer great UV protection so you won’t get too much sun on your legs. All around, this is a great choice for taller ladies or those who want more coverage! About 17″ long in most sizes, but larger sizes go up to 18″.

Slimour Women’s Modest Skirt

For a nice, long length and a cute flouncy style, check out the slimour Women’s Modest Skirt. It’s the longest pickleball skort – the medium size is 18″ and it goes all the way to 20″ in the XXL size! Unlike the Yogipace skort, this one also comes in a few lovely prints. It also has more of a flounce style, which might look better on some body shapes.

Best Plus Size Skorts For Pickleball

ANVIVO Skirted Legging

Obviously these ANVIVO skirted leggings (or are they legging skorts?) look a little different than the other skorts on this list, but I’m thinking of getting one for myself next winter! The hidden drawstring waist is perfect for those of us who are “hourglass pears”. These should fit up to size ~16-18 if you order 3X (not exactly like other size charts!). I love that these offer different legging lengths for women who don’t want to show off their legs. We all have those days, right?

But these do a great job combining cuteness with modesty! You can choose from solid or pattern skirt options. The full length leggings don’t have ball pockets underneath, but the capri length leggings do.

Athleta Plus Size Skort

Athleta is my personal go-to for skorts and has been for years! They’re comfortable, stay in place well on my thighs and offer great styles so you can grab lunch with your friends after you plan without feeling like a gym rat! They recently started offering their mid-thigh Match Point Skort in sizes up to 3X, which their size chart says is equivalent to 24-26W. Thank you, Athleta.

Lands End Plus Size Skort

Another great choice for ladies who wear sizes up to 26W is the Lands End Plus Size Active Knit Skort (which I think needs a more creative name). It’s a little longer than the Athleta Match Point Skort, so it’ll provide better coverage if that’s what you prefer. It’s also a straight skirt style rather than the more traditional tennis skirt look, so they’ll flatter different body types. You can get it in dark solid colors or a fun sea-inspired print!


Unfortunately Adidas isn’t making plus size skorts… yet! But I want to give them a little plug here because they have the one of the best selections of plus size athletic wear you’ll find online, with sizes from 1X to 4X. Hopefully they’ll start making Adidas plus size skorts soon, but in the meantime you can check out their range of other plus size athletic wear to pair with one of the great skorts above.

I hope this has been a helpful guide for you! Please let me know in the comments if you’ve found a great skort for pickleball that you can share with our other readers.

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